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imagesI don’t know if it’s age, the time of year, laziness or what, but I don’t seem to have a speck of energy. In fact, the picture on the left looks like I feel.

So what to do about it? I could just wait and maybe even enjoy the downtime but that doesn’t seem to be working. And there’s the risk of depression. I’m not prone to mood swings. I have, at least in the past, been able to ward them off, but why risk it.

So, a project. Ummm, maybe?  A trip, now I like that idea. A lot — but I’m already planning a get-away in May so guess that won’t work. Writing works but right now I’m just finishing a story and I’m in the process of putting together the submission packet.  I always have to work to stay motivated at this point in the process.

I did a little research about human energy and it’s a pretty complex subject so maybe I’ll just practice a little ‘mind-over-matter’.  Starting with the picture. What if you comb the hair, wash the face, brush the teeth and put on make-up. Better? For sure. Now sling on a feel-good outfit. No… not old stretched out sweats. But, nothing fancy either.  Feel better?

So going into these next few weeks and hoping for sunshine I’m going to get up and get dressed in the morning. And, I’m thinking spring house cleaning.  I always feel energized after a bout of activity. Maybe a trip or two or three out to the nursery.

I’m feeling better already.  What about you? What do you do to dig out of the winter blahs?   image


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