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I know it’s been a while since I last posted. The truth is that I haven’t been writing all that much. I hate to use the excuse of Covid and can’t understand with all the shut-in time why I wouldn’t use the time, but I just couldn’t get motivated. 

Right now, The Bride Said No is one of three stories that should be out sometime this year. And following true to form for me all three are different sub-genres or romance. 

All that said, The Bride Said No is released in ebook and should be out in print soon.  It is a 1800’s historic romance with a love triangle twist and is set in a fictional town just above Seattle Washington. 

To avoid an arranged marriage Angelina DePalma accompanies her unwed and pregnant childhood friend Ella O’Hara to Seattle. Ella is answering a mail order bride ad in the newspaper. She is scared to death as she has been less than honest with the prospective groom.  

Angeline doesn’t like her part in the deception she’s helped Ella with, but is more frightened of staying and being forced into a marriage that her stepfather is planning for her.  Bolstering each other the best they can, the two women set out on the long journey west. 

With women still a scarcity in what some call the wilderness, Lars Swenson, a wealthy Pacific Northwest entrepreneur, resorts to placing an ad for a wife in an Eastern newspaper. When his bride arrives, he gets more than he expected. Not one, but two women, descend from the train and it is Angelina, not Ella, that awakens Lars’ heart. 

Angelina, Ella and Lars struggle to sort out the mess they find themselves in and a love triangle of loyalty, friendship, and commitment renders the growing love between Lars and Angelina an impossibility.  

The Bride Said No is available at most online stores. 


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Ryan-Survival-600x960Survival is the first book in a new series, Earth Legacy. I just finished reading it and couldn’t put it down.  Think, of our world on the edge of extinction. It’s been one hundred years since the Great War where Earths magic was taken. Magic you might say, but magic is all around us. Again think, visualize spring when earth awakens with blooms that have lain dormant.  Now think, what if spring never comes. This is the world of Survival, a fantasy rich in emotion with characters you’ll remember and action that will keep you turning pages.

Earth is dying and Rianth Royan is the only one left that can free the healing magic that will save it and mankind. The story takes you through her journey of love, betrayal, hope, and courage.

If you enjoy stories like Divergent, and Hunger Games you won’t want to miss the Earth Legacy series.

Enlightenment, Earth Legacy book #2 is available for pre-order.  Can’t wait for my copy.


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A Warrior’s Love

A Warrior’s Love is offered at a 10% discount at Bookstrand. Offer ends midnight CST, December 2nd.

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ld-bb-warriorslove3November has been a busy month with a short Christmas story release and now I’m so happy to say the release of the 3rd book in the Blackhawk Brothers series.

A Warrior’s Love is Tyrell’s story. I wasn’t sure when I started if it would be Devon’s, Tyrell’s or maybe even both of their stories combined. But, as has always happened, as soon as the characters step out they take over. They come to life and the story unfolds in their point of view.

Bookstrand will keep exclusive rights for a few weeks and then the book will become available on other outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and hopefully your favorite store. Available in e-book immediately it will also be offered in print in a few months.


Tyrell’s eyes narrowed as he watched the woman. Along with a distinct dislike, there was something else. Something as familiar to him as breathing asserted itself, making him catch his breath. Tamping down a growl, he willed his totem, the wolf that lived within him, to be still. Two months ago, he’d lived more in his wolf form than his human one. The whole team had. Wolves didn’t need a fire at night to keep them from freezing. They could blend into the terrain. It was the defining factor of their team, what made them able to carry out rescue missions that were all but impossible. That was then, and this was now. It was his and his team’s decision to change their course. Living a domestic life meant he would have to let his wolf form sleep. No more shifting, no more letting instincts dominate.

He took a deep breath and forced a smile. “I see you brought company.”

Devon motioned for the woman to slide into the booth beside Tyrell and then took the seat next to Page. “Page, Tyrell, this is Nadia. She is on the way to New York with her grandmother.”

That figures. She looks like New York. Tyrell barely kept himself from speaking his thoughts out loud. He glanced over at Devon, who looked a little uncomfortable. To bad they hadn’t had time to finish their breakfast because if they had, they could have gracefully vacated the booth and left Devon to it. As it was, he could envision some indigestion. He again fought against the wolf as he picked up her scent. Damn, why did Devon seat her beside him.

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