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5509321Wow just finished this book and the only negative thing I can say is don’t start it if you have to be somewhere or do something. I couldn’t put it down.

I’m a big fan of David Baldacci’s stories and I think this is one of his best.  From the first when the daughter of the First Lady’s brother is kidnapped to the end when the plots come together it never slows down.

It might seem like a lot of plot twists but Baldacci does it so well you can’t help but be amazed at his imagination and storytelling skills.

Former Secret Service agents King and Maxwell are bigger then life when at the request of the First Lady they investigate the kidnapping that is off the charts and find horrendous secrets.

A father’s love propels the story as he spends his life avenging his daughter. The innocent pay a high price to bring a justice that he seeks.

I envy those of you that haven’t read First Family. You are in for some good reading.





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UnknownAlthough every day is a day to be thankful, this is Thanksgiving week for those of us who live in the States.  It isn’t as busy for me as it once was when we had the holiday dinner at our house and I spent the days leading up to it grocery shopping and cooking.  All around a full work schedule.  I remember one year when I had just started on the pies (around six in the evening) and all of a sudden I didn’t have any water.  We did have this amazing guy who had put in the well and he came right out.  He fixed the pump, thank heavens it wasn’t the well, though he worked until almost eleven o’clock.  He told us his wife was home baking pies for the homeless shelter.  What an exceptional family. Yes, I stayed up late, but how can you not remember and be thankful for people like these.

I took some time off from writing and I probably won’t be turning out as many books in the future. I love writing though, so I doubt that I’ll ever not have a story in progress.  What I don’t love is promoting and if you want to sell books you have to do it.  So, with the holidays here, and not promoting The Season Of Love last year, I decided to do a little research and found BookBub.  I love it. For one thing, it is as much a service to the reader as the author. Just my kind of marketing as reading is a big part of my life. And, sharing an author I’ve just found or a book I haven’t been able to put down isn’t ‘Marketing’ it’s forming a community to share the experience of a good story.

BookBub sends me out a list of ebook bargains every day.  Some are free. I had just picked up ‘Sold On Monday’ in paperback for $9.99 and it was on the list for  $2.99.  By the way, it is a really good story.   The bargains don’t last long I’ve gone in like a week later and the book was up to regular price but that isn’t a problem for me.  If you would like to join BookBub  click here. 

I made an author page and would love to have you follow me.  It’s a great place to share reading experiences.

Until next time, Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and happy reading.




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