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BahamaChristmas155x232It’s been awhile since I’ve had a release or much of anything new to report. At least writing wise. Life just sort of got in the way. Well that plus retirement. And, while I’m loving it I do miss not getting the creative high from seeing a book I’ve written launched.

Bahama Christmas, is a short Christmas story. I’ve been trying to do one a year with the end product being an anthology that I’ll do a print run on as well as an e-book.


Maddie Coleman is ready to move on, but first she has to get through the holidays. It has been two years since her fiancés death and her friends and family are ready to help but Maddie doesn’t want any help. She doesn’t want blind dates and feeling like the fifth wheel. Solution, a cruise and not the ones for singles.

Dane Matthews has long denied his feeling for Maddie but no more. With a mission in mind he books on the same cruise. He’s tired of the big brother roll he has been cast in. What once was a big age difference is no longer the case because her twenty four years to his thirty five pales in light of the woman she has become.

As the ship pulls out of port Maddie turns from the rail and right into Dane. The years fall away and she is again the young girl with her school crush. Her excitement at seeing him quickly morphs into the old guilt. He rejected her once, will he do it again.

It’s for sale at most online bookstores, search for Lavada Dee or go to my books page and click on one of the links.





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Retro Sale

ld-fl3_1I know many are experiencing severe weather. Here in the Pacific NW we are getting some heavy winds and rain but feel fortunate we don’t have to shovel it.  Good reading weather but then it’s always good weather for me to read.

I just got notification that my publisher, Bookstrand, is featuring Forever Love as a retro release and has it on sale for $2.50.


Roman Ragazzi, criminologist turned bestselling author, works as a special investigator for the prosecutor’s office. When Bethany Towers is assigned to prosecute his latest case, he has a problem. He thought he’d gotten over his love for her, but finds out a love like theirs isn’t all that easy to walk away from.


Bethany knows she’ll be working closely with Roman, and she’s not sure she can keep her professional and personal feelings separate. She’s loved him for what seems like forever and knows she always will. Once he felt the same way, but she made a decision that changed their lives. Will telling him the whole story restore his love, and what about his trust? She wants it all. 

 “I admire women who escape abusive and violent relationships to build a new life for themselves. I can imagine their sacrifices, fears and loneliness. I wanted to write a romance around the dark side of their life to bring out the hope of happy endings.” ~ Lavada ~

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Book Sale

I’ve gotten off to a wonderful start to the New Year.  We just got back from a vacation in the Dominican Republic.  We were in Punta Cana where they have warm, sunny weather and a beautiful beach.  It would have been a great place to write from but — I didn’t.  So now I have some catching up to do.  Not to bad since the Pacific NW is recovering from major snow and ice storms making staying inside sound good.

Book News —

BookStrand has “This Old House: Love Comes Home” and “Forever Love” on sale.  Their link is http://www.bookstrand.com/lavada-dee

This Old House is a contemporary and the first story I wrote.  I say the first book, but I rewrote it so many times it is more like the 8th book. I couldn’t quit on it or the characters and it is still near and dear to me.

Forever Love is the 2nd Romantic Suspense book I wrote.  Both the suspense stories are favorites of mine but neither has done well in the market place.  I’m not sure why as this one in particular has a really great cover.   I don’t think it is the stories so much as I’m not promoting them well.

I’m looking forward to my Valentine’s release of “Nothing To Lose”.   I’ll be posting more on it later.

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