BahamaChristmas155x232It’s been awhile since I’ve had a release or much of anything new to report. At least writing wise. Life just sort of got in the way. Well that plus retirement. And, while I’m loving it I do miss not getting the creative high from seeing a book I’ve written launched.

Bahama Christmas, is a short Christmas story. I’ve been trying to do one a year with the end product being an anthology that I’ll do a print run on as well as an e-book.


Maddie Coleman is ready to move on, but first she has to get through the holidays. It has been two years since her fiancés death and her friends and family are ready to help but Maddie doesn’t want any help. She doesn’t want blind dates and feeling like the fifth wheel. Solution, a cruise and not the ones for singles.

Dane Matthews has long denied his feeling for Maddie but no more. With a mission in mind he books on the same cruise. He’s tired of the big brother roll he has been cast in. What once was a big age difference is no longer the case because her twenty four years to his thirty five pales in light of the woman she has become.

As the ship pulls out of port Maddie turns from the rail and right into Dane. The years fall away and she is again the young girl with her school crush. Her excitement at seeing him quickly morphs into the old guilt. He rejected her once, will he do it again.

It’s for sale at most online bookstores, search for Lavada Dee or go to my books page and click on one of the links.





Retro Sale

ld-fl3_1I know many are experiencing severe weather. Here in the Pacific NW we are getting some heavy winds and rain but feel fortunate we don’t have to shovel it.  Good reading weather but then it’s always good weather for me to read.

I just got notification that my publisher, Bookstrand, is featuring Forever Love as a retro release and has it on sale for $2.50.


Roman Ragazzi, criminologist turned bestselling author, works as a special investigator for the prosecutor’s office. When Bethany Towers is assigned to prosecute his latest case, he has a problem. He thought he’d gotten over his love for her, but finds out a love like theirs isn’t all that easy to walk away from.


Bethany knows she’ll be working closely with Roman, and she’s not sure she can keep her professional and personal feelings separate. She’s loved him for what seems like forever and knows she always will. Once he felt the same way, but she made a decision that changed their lives. Will telling him the whole story restore his love, and what about his trust? She wants it all. 

 “I admire women who escape abusive and violent relationships to build a new life for themselves. I can imagine their sacrifices, fears and loneliness. I wanted to write a romance around the dark side of their life to bring out the hope of happy endings.” ~ Lavada ~

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Merry Christmas


 May your stocking be filled with books to keep you warm on these long winter days

 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Fun, and Healthy 2014.


I’m Late, I’m Late

Cover1600x2400I’m feeling like the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland.  According to industry news the best time to publish a Christmas Story is in October.  And, as you can see “No Perfect Marriage” didn’t make it.

It’s been a hard year writing wise and I’m hoping to do better next year which reminds me is just around the corner.  So better late than never and No Perfect Marriage is a fast fun read. Like last years A Divorce For Christmas this story could happen to anyone.  You, family, or friends it’s about real life and the work it takes to make a marriage or a relationship work.

Below is a short excerpt.

Kade stood in the open doorway looking rumpled and… sexy. If he was surprised, he hid it behind a smirk as he stepped back to give her room to enter. “I’d invite you in, but apparently you don’t feel you need an invitation.”

Guilt had Sandra on the defensive, and again she reminded herself it was her house too.  Before she could say anything, Kade did it for her. “Guess I need to change the locks.”

“Guess you do.”

Silence settled between them. Nothing new here.  The only communication they had ever really been good at was in bed and that had gone south when Kade started working fourteen-hour days.

ChristmasI am in celebrating mode already.  Last Sunday we had an early Christmas morning with the grand kids.  Two little guys, seven and four, plus a Giant Schnauzer puppy launched us all into the spirit.

This week I’m attending The Romance Studio Christmas Party and would like to invite you to join us.  There will be prizes to add under your tree.   Just comment as you browse through the pages. I’ll be giving a copy of A Divorce For Christmas away and TRS is giving away a gift card, value $100 minimum to one lucky reader plus other prizes from the TRS prize vault

Hope to see you there.  🙂

Christmas Party

BlogHop1SIt’s Christmas and time to party.  Evernight Publishing is holding a Christmas Blog Hop.  It will run from December 10th to the 14th.  There are a number of Evernight authors participating.  Three of my favorites are Sadie Sinclair, Lace Daltyn and Faye Avalon.  For information and to start the hop visit any of their blogs by clicking on their names.

There are a lot of prizes, wishing you bundles of luck in winning some to put under your tree.

November News

I am happy to announce that A Divorce For Christmas is at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.    I loved writing this story and getting to know Lori and Brad.

2012 is winding down for me. When I set up this blog it was to replace doing a newsletter so most of the posts are news related.   But a few years ago I started an eclectic blog called Over The Back Yard Fence with my friend and fellow author Laurie Ryan.   We now have 8 members of the community and post on various subjects.   We would love to have you drop in and visit.  It’s a great place to meet new friends.

And the last news item — Laurie is featuring Holiday Magic, the anthology we did together over at her blog.  We are giving a digital copy away so drop over there and leave a comment.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.